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The Future of Work December 2021

Although hybrid work offers unprecedented flexibility for the workforce, it also requires some. While employees are getting used to hybrid technologies and workflows, their leaders need to reimagine their pre-pandemic management style.

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The Future of Supply Chain November 2021

While supply chains are still grappling with the long-Covid symptoms of material scarcity and labour shortages, investors, legislators and consumers are putting enormous pressure on them to clear ever higher bars. Surely, they can raise their game – but who will bear the cost?

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The Best of British Business November 2021

In today’s digital world we tend to see innovation as a disruptive force and forget that the objects, devices and constructions that stay with us across centuries – such as the tuning fork, the home computer or the London sewer system – also owe their success and longevity to innovators who have been adapting them to ever-changing circumstances and use cases

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The Future of Retail and Customer Experience October 2021

The hectic improvisation of brands and retailers to stay afloat during the Covid crisis seems to subside into strategic thinking post-pandemic driven by product content, shelf-search and conversion metrics, as well as a desire to ensure the safety of customers in more precarious e-commerce environments.  Read more inside…

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The Future of Work – October 2021

Generation Z are stereotyped as oversensitive, “woke” and addicted to their phones – but like any new generation, they’re both misunderstood and underestimated by previous ones. And, by 2025, they’re forecast to make up a quarter of the workforce. Business Reporter talks to some of its members, and looks at how businesses need to adapt to harness Gen Z’s energy and passion.

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Improving Business Performance – September 2021

Digital transformation, IoT and data-busting artificial intelligence are what make the headlines. But there are other, less technical approaches you can take to scale up your business’s performance – such as more blended approaches to work, upskilling and more personal customer interactions. Read more in the latest Business Reporter…

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The Future CFO – July 2021

From overseeing the ever-growing catalogue of new risks to manage, to introducing climate change and pandemics into the financial equation, the life of today’s chief financial officer is far more than just balancing the books. Read more inside…

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The Best of Global Business – July 2021

How Europe needs to step up to the semiconductor shortage, what the Great Depression could teach us about how to keep the global economy ticking over during Covid, and other developments in business across the world…

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