What are SustainabilityTalks?

Sustainability Talks’ is Business Reporter’s thought leadership interview series and will feature conversations with some the world’s most inspirational organisations & subject matter experts, scientists & thought-provoking business leaders. Exploring their work in tackling global sustainability challenges & achieving a just transition to a low carbon economy.

Business Reporter is a United Nations SDG Media Compact member and us such, we are committed to delivering content to our business communities that will provide insight into how business leaders and industries are moving the needle in our transition to a low carbon economy.

Meet your host

Rachel Hicks is a senior freelance TV presenter and journalist. She’s worked for BBC TV and radio as a news anchor and reporter since 1992. She regularly presented daily live current affairs TV programmes and co-hosted general election specials, grilling politicians and holding captains of industry to account.  She currently interviews and hosts panel debates  for The Business Reporter.


Rachel dives, skis and drives a speedboat. She’s run the London Marathon, rowed the Thames Marathon and driven a Land Rover to Africa for charity, requiring sand ladders to cross the Sahara.

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