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Digital Economy July 2019

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The ways in which we approach work are becoming more atomised and data-driven as technology takes a greater hold over business strategy, and there are huge opportunities in embracing digital transformation.

But the pitfalls are there too – not least in the danger of being left behind while your competitors upgrade to a shining new age of flawless mobile apps, seamless e-commerce systems and AI-driven customer behaviour analysis. Upgrading from legacy systems can be a detailed, expensive process, for one thing. And how do you even know you’re doing it right to begin with?

One thing is for sure, though – recruiting the right people to both bring about this brave new world, and keep things ticking over once it’s arrived, is at the heart of any successful business transformation strategy. For all the giddy technological advancements of recent years, in the end, getting the right humans for the job is still the most important piece of any successful enterprise.

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