As we move towards renewable energy sources, how do we solve the volatility supply problem?

Dr. Dan Gladwin, The University of Sheffield

As the UK moves to electricity generated by clean sources – 30 per cent of electricity consumed in 2017 was generated using renewables – the challenge of overcoming the volatility of supply issue needs to be addressed.

To ensure that the nation’s production lines keep rolling and kettles keep boiling, the energy provided by renewable sources must be consistently supplied. The nature of clean sources, for example solar power, means that the supply is variable, therefore energy storage systems need to be able to store energy and supply it when required.

Batteries are one of the most promising energy storage solutions, due to their scalability potential and rapid response rate to supply on demand. To maximise efficient use of electricity across the grids and in homes and businesses they could work as part of a “smart grid”. However, research needs to be done into the coordination and monitoring of the network and end-users.

Dr. Dan Gladwin, Senior Lecturer, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, The University of Sheffield and Deputy Director, Centre for Research into Electrical Energy Storage and Applications (CREESA)

CREESA – Working in partnership with Industry to help the UK maintain its position as a Global Leader in Energy Storage

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