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Insurers Focus on Risk and Resilience

Climate Change is considered the number one risk to the world’s economy. Global property insurance premiums are predicted to rise by a fifth by 2040 due to the growing frequency and severity of extreme weather – according to Swiss Re, the reinsurance group.

 For insurers, the risk is two-pronged – they face increased pay-outs to policy-holders as a result of more frequent floods, wildfires and droughts, while the huge investment portfolios they use to pay out on claims are also at risk from the impacts of climate change on all sectors of the economy.  

Business Reporter is delighted to share the Insurance, Sustainability and Climate roundtable with some of the UK’s industry experts to discuss how the insurance industry is developing resilience in their investments and for businesses and policy-holders. 


Rachel Hicks

Host, Business Reporter

Rachel Hicks is a senior freelance TV presenter and journalist. She’s worked for BBC TV and radio as a news anchor and reporter since 1992. She regularly presented daily live current affairs TV programmes and co-hosted general election specials, grilling politicians and holding captains of industry to account.  She currently interviews and hosts panel debates  for The Business Reporter.

Rachel dives, skis and drives a speedboat. She’s run the London Marathon, rowed the Thames Marathon and driven a Land Rover to Africa for charity, requiring sand ladders to cross the Sahara.

Alix Bedford

Risk Proposition Manager, Zurich

Alix Bedford is Risk Proposition Manager at Zurich Municipal. A strategic risk professional with over 18 years’ experience working both with and within the public sector, Alix is passionate about the value of risk management and its role in driving improved resilience of organisations and communities. Her current role involves looking at the key emerging and evolving areas of risk impacting the public sector now and in the future and leading Zurich Municipal’s response to these. Alix is also leading on the Sustainability agenda for Zurich Municipal, looking at Climate, Workforce and Data risk areas particularly.

Ben Wilson

Director of Corporate Affairs and Climate Change, ABI

Ben Wilson is Director of Corporate Affairs and Climate Change. He was previously an Executive Director at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and has held senior communications roles in a number of Government departments including DWP, DfE and No10. He also worked as Head of International Communications at the BBC and is rostered to serve in UN peacekeeping missions. Ben recently completed studies at the University of Helsinki on AI, and is a Trustee at Earthwatch Europe, the international biodiversity charity.

Dermot Kehoe

Communications & Transition Director , Flood

Dermot Kehoe is Communications and Transition Director at Flood Re. He takes the lead in setting the communications strategy and shaping the activities that will deliver a Transition Plan for the industry, ready for Flood Re’s exit from the market in 2039. Dermot has experience in strategic communications, public policy and journalism including at the NHS, Home Office and the BBC.

Ekhosuehi Iyahen

Secretary General, Insurance Development Forum

Ekhosuehi Iyahen is the Secretary General of the Insurance Development Forum (IDF), a Public-Private Partnership led by the insurance industry and supported by the World Bank and the United Nations, aiming to enhance the use of insurance to build greater resilience against disasters and to help achieve the United Nations Global 2030 Agenda.

Rebekah Clement

Sustainability Director, Lloyd’s

Rebekah has more than 20 years of experience in corporate affairs, working as a trusted adviser to several government and business leaders across a broad range of sectors in the UK and New Zealand. 

Rebekah is Lloyd’s first Sustainability Director and is responsible for leading and executing Lloyd’s sustainability and ESG strategy together with leading the Sustainable Markets Initiative Insurance Task Force programme of activities. 

Rebekah holds an Executive MBA from Cranfield University, a Bachelor of Communications from Massey University of New Zealand and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.