Gaining momentum on your cloud journey

There are many challenges a business can face when starting or trying to continue its cloud journey. From the technology aspect of choosing the right platform, ensuring there is a clear approach, gaining companywide buy in, to even just getting a project off the ground; each of these can be a tough test.

During this session we’ll look at four key principles that businesses can use to support a successful cloud journey. Not just focusing on the technology involved, we will also investigate the cloud journey from a business aspect, looking at how it should be seen as a strategic business objective not just a project for IT.

We’ll discuss the importance of knowledge, clarity and agility in any cloud transformation journey. Key areas for discussion include:

  • Understanding the technology landscape to help you choose your approach
  • Taking a position to help guide your journey
  • Transforming IT departments to be advocates, not just implementers
  • Achieving momentum in your cloud journey whatever stage it is at

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