Thursday 10th June 2021 // 10:00 (BST)

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What is SalesTalk?

teissTalk is our weekly sales talk show with episodes every Tuesday at 16:00 (BST). Each episode includes a combination of insights, interviews, training and technique, psychology and structure.

If you are a sales professional, Bradley’s SalesTalk may well be the best hour of your week. Why? Because understanding sales and the sales process will give  you the attributes you need to achieve peak performance.

It’s commercial suicide to leave it up to luck or improvisation. 

The good news is that there are proven ways how to handle any part of the sales process.

Why should you join SalesTalk?

If you want to increase your sales income

If you want to be CONFIDENT in the most difficult sales conversations

If you want to handle any objection

SalesTalk is for anybody who is involved in selling or negotiating in business will benefit from this course, including sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and buyers.

What people are saying about SalesTalk

People love the way that Bradley explains how to sell effectively:

Meet your host

Bradley Scheffer has spent over 35 years selling at the highest level. He was the number one salesperson at Yellow Pages, Canon and Pitney Bowes, he achieved sales of  over a million pounds a year in each company. He has run his own businesses  for over 27 years, training graduates to experienced salespeople.