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by David Doughty, Chartered Director – Chief Executive, Chair, Non-Executive Director, Entrepreneur and Business Mentor

Fortune 500 companies with more women directors outperformed their peers by 53% in ROI and 42% in return on sales. David Doughty, entrepreneur and corporate governance expert explains why demographic and cognitive diversity is an essential part of achieving corporate success.

The chaos and uncertainty of Brexit are the perfect breeding ground for grant fraud. CIPFA’s Marc McAuley (pictured) warns that, outside the group safety of the EU, the UK needs watertight due diligence if it is to avoid huge losses to misrepresented claims.

Digital transformation consultant Jeremy Swinfen Green explains that, while technology enables businesses to satisfy market demand faster and more effectively, this opportunity comes with substantial risks attached. To read his article, click the “OPEN” button below.

With the rise of crypto and online payment mechanisms and newly legalised markets opening up, the 2020s are a money launderer’s paradise. Forrester’s Andras Cser looks at developing trends in the AML landscape.

The risk profession must evolve to stay relevant in an increasingly digitised world. Research from the Judge Business School in Cambridge and the Institute of Risk Management uncovers the new skills, knowledge and processes that will be needed

When management envisions who might be most likely to commit fraud in their organisation, they may think of a new employee who hasn’t earned the trust of their colleagues yet, or perhaps a lower-level employee who has been given too much access to cash or inventory. Or, as I have seen most often, management simply does not think any of their employees would commit fraud. These assumptions are not only incorrect, but they could end up costing the organisation millions. To read the full article click the “OPEN” button below.