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Press release: Admantlane launches Liquidity Hub partnership with SAP for 80 billion global trade finance market

After successful round one funding. Adamantlane launches partnership with SAP in the global trade finance market for corporations and lenders. 

Last week SAP made public its partnership with Adamantlane and Liquidity Hub to offer a frictionless global trade finance platform that integrates accounting processes, suppliers and several banks on one flexible (SaaS) solution. 

The SAAS (software as a solution) technology provides real-time oversight and simplification of what is currently a complex marketplace. Giving companies access to supply chain and market capital. Frictionless and quickly, with all process reported in real-time on the renowned SAP platform and App store.

With global trade finance and supply chains stressed by unprecedented demands and volumes, Liquidity Hub offers end-users (Corporates) and Lenders a cloud-based platform that digitizes supply chain finance processes for customers. Then provides trade finance from several banks at the touch of a button and in real-time, removing many friction points that cause current delays.

Admantlanes Liquidity Hub is seen as an attractive proposition with leading SAP technology in a forecasted market to grow to nearly 80 billion dollars in 2026. Several lenders are currently onboarding to Admantlanes liquidity hub, also training is underway with several multi-national corporations. Liquidity Hub is seen as a disruptor in a market that has not seen the application of technology, as seen in the retail finance markets.

Marc Clapasson Co-Founder commented ‘We believe it’s Adamantlanes mission to provide a simple yet cutting edge trade finance solution that takes away the complexity of what is now a time consuming and expensive process. Liquidity Hub provides not only an efficient platform to run all supply chain and receivables processes. It gives end-users the access to market capital quickly, efficiently with the ability to feel at ease that all compliance, AML and legislation has been complied too.’

About Admantlane 

Adamant Lane AG was founded in Zurich by a team of experienced financial services and cloud platform experts with a strong history in supply chain finance. The target of Adamant Lane AG is to revolutionize the way, how complex trade finance processes will be designed and operated in the future. Based on a “banking-as-a- microservice” approach leveraging newest cloud technologies and the reliability of SAP for the new platform.



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