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Why a project management career can weather the economic storm

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by Debbie Dore, Chief Executive, Association for Project Management

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Why a project management career can
weather the economic storm

 In today’s political and economic uncertainty, it would seem understandable for many to have concerns over their career prospects. Yet according to new research, project management seems to be one profession bucking that negative trend.


Nearly eight out of 10 professionals questioned in our recent Salary and Market Trends survey – taking in more than 4,600 project professionals across multiple sectors – said that they were feeling optimistic about the supply of jobs over the next five years, with 70 per cent expecting pay increases in the next year.


What’s driving this confidence when so many other industries remain fearful? One factor could be increasing job satisfaction, shown by our survey to be high – with 81 per cent stating they were satisfied in their current roles, compared to 77 per cent in 2015. Confidence around project professionals’ own economic prospects has also grown, rising to 56 per cent this year, from the 43 per cent who rated it as excellent or good in 2017.


Opportunities to move within the industry could be another reason for project management weathering the economic storm, with 35 per cent saying they are likely to change employer within the next 12 months.


It is this encouraging outlook that could help the project management profession ride out any uncertainty faced by the UK in the months and years to come, while also fuelling innovation in many different sectors and offering new or exist­ing project professionals the chance of an attractive and sustainable career path full of increased learning opportunities and rewarding professional development.


It’s clear that, whatever the weather, nurturing talent through training, development and standards (such as chartership) remains crucial to retain a positive workforce and develop a talent pool that is fit for purpose.

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