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Subscription services have given us new ways to watch films, go shopping and even drive cars – but how we protect ourselves from risk hasn’t changed in 200 years…

Chris Kaye, Founder and CEO, Sherpa

The world is moving towards a subscription model – subscription films (Netflix), subscription razors (Dollar Shave Club), subscription everything (Amazon Prime). So why shouldn’t everyone get their insurance via a subscription, too?

That’s why Sherpa has launched the first subscription insurance business. Now insurance can be flexible – tailored, and change as life changes. Sherpa provides free advice with no conflicts of interest. And we won’t force people into long-term contracts either – insurance can be switched on and off at will.

This is nothing short of a revolution in insurance. Sherpa has big ambitions, and is starting with one of the least-insured parts of society – the self-employed. Based on their own experiences as freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs, Sherpa’s founders believe the self-employed are currently unloved and unwanted by mainstream financial services. Sherpa is there to provide the protection that those who work for big companies take for granted.

Death in service? Tick. Sick pay? Tick. Paying off your mortgage if something serious happens? Tick. All via a simple and quick online process. No more fixing appointments with an IFA or broker; no more filling in form after form after form. Sherpa advises on how much of what type of insurance is required. It sources that insurance from its reinsurance partner, GenRe, getting its members wholesale prices.

Sherpa makes insurance easy to buy, and easy to manage. Its promise to members is nothing less than the insurance you need, in 10 minutes or less, and 20 to 40 per cent cheaper than going through a broker. And we guarantee you’ll never be asked the same question twice! Sherpa has launched in the UK to much critical acclaim, and is expanding rapidly to cover more risks for more people in more countries. Its ambition? Nothing less than perfect, painless protection for everyone on the planet.

Visit and get free, regulated, advice and your own personal, tailored insurance account. All done in minutes.

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