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Wendy Furness, Francis Boyer and Jeff Gascoyne, Partner, Scarsdale Vets

Scarsdale Vets has been operating across the East Midlands for more than 70 years, and today has 10 practices providing a range of services, from small animals to dedicated farm and equine teams. Underpinning these practices is the Pride Veterinary Centre, which the group opened in 2011. The centre is both multidisciplinary referral hospital and veterinary practice, with a pet resort and a Vets at Night service. It has a range of specialist vets, clinical services and technical equipment that can provide a one-stop shop to aid a patient’s recovery.

One of the stand-out traits of the team across all of Scarsdale’s sites is the incredible care and understanding that everyone has for the animals and owners that come through the doors. This brings with it an outstanding sense of teamwork to deliver the best care possible, not just through technical knowledge and expertise but through understanding the special relationships that people often have with their pets. Communicating well with the owners is core to everything that Scarsdale Vets does, and is why so many of its clients entrust staff with the care of their animals, from cradle to grave.

Continuing to reinvest in the business is very important to Scarsdale, with £750,000 invested in the Pride Veterinary Centre this year and the planned opening of a range of new local practices in 2019. However, it is essential that this investment isn’t just about bricks and mortar, as ongoing staff development and specific recruitment campaigns are equally important to the business. From clinical staff to nurses and support staff, career opportunities and training are open to all, and it is this investment that helps foster an incredibly strong team spirit in the company, and through a dedicated recruitment website Scarsdale aims to continue to attract some of the best staff as it expands over the coming years.

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