esme loans new campaign focuses on the human side of running a business

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esme, the digital business lending platform has revealed its new brand direction in their latest campaign titled Go-Getters . The new campaign, esme’s largest to date, is credited to the company’s continued growth and upward momentum.

Produced in collaboration with creative agency Arthur London and rolling out in the UK during the first quarter of 2019, the Go-Getters campaign will set the tone for all marketing and advertising creative.

esme, an SME themselves, understand the various pain points and opportunities that small to medium sized businesses are faced with each day. Their campaign focuses on the human side of running a business, Go-Getters aims to harness the power of positive messages, connecting with business owners through encouraging and inspirational straplines such as ‘Next stop, opportunity’ and ‘Good things come to those who go and get them’.

Veronika Lovett, co-founder of esme and chief marketing officer said: “As founders of a growing and scaling SME, we face the same challenges faced by many small businesses and we want to let other business owners know that we understand their needs.

“The reinforcement of positive language can motivate people to succeed, and Arthur London helped esme to identify a positive message to help us connect and inspire future and existing customers to seek out new opportunities, while continuing to flourish”.

Launched on 7th January 2019, the esme Go-Getter campaign will feature across out-of-home, radio and digital adverts. Lovett, continued: The campaign spend is double that of last year and will be running in key areas nationwide through strategic out of home media placement and unique radio spots, its testament to esme’s successful growth and consistent improvement of processes and service.

“The technology at the core of esme’s proposition is continually being refined to significantly decrease the hassle and stress often associated with obtaining funding. To date the fastest loan agreed and drawn down stands at 29 minutes, something unheard of in traditional business lending.”

Esme has also removed arrangement fees until April 2019 as the company continues its efforts in staying true to their promise of simple, easy, low stress lending.

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