Nisbets Group CEO Klaus Goeldenbot offers insight on how to stay above and beyond the competition

Klaus Goeldenbot, Group CEO, Nisbets 

Recognised as the UK’s leading supplier of catering and kitchen equipment, Nisbets was established in 1983 on the basic principle of supplying affordably priced, high-quality products. Today, the Nisbets portfolio covers everything from refrigeration and cleaning supplies to premium cooking equipment and top-end crockery ranges, and everything in between.

Klaus Goeldenbot, Group CEO of Nisbets, sits down with Business Reporter to share how the business is continuing to both deliver the basics brilliantly while enhancing and evolving its extensive range of products, services and solutions in equipment efficiency, presentation, food safety, environmentally friendly products and cost efficiency.

The hospitality industry is facing increasing challenges, whether that’s the uncertainty of an ever-changing political environment, labour shortages or the inflating prices of ingredients. This means customers in the industry expect more from suppliers than ever before.

Shaped by new legislation, the hospitality industry has made a shift toward sustainability. As a result, Nisbets’ customers are turning toward sustainable solutions for consumables and kitchen equipment. Working with them, Nisbets has developed strong sustainability-focused ranges such as Fiesta Green consumables and Polar refrigeration.

In an ambitious move to support its customers with industry insight and solutions, Nisbets has also launched its all-new In Place campaign. The digitally led 360-degree approach includes a microsite that provides a dedicated advice centre focused on the restaurant sector, inviting operators into a virtual reality showroom to focus on three specific areas: food safety, equipment efficiency, and presentation. In Place aims to highlight the parallels between the online solution and operators’ own venues. The resource provides practical solutions to the biggest industry challenges through thought leadership, credible influencer stories and expert inspiration.

By embracing a customer-focused model, Nisbets offers a variety of services to customers that ease the struggles they face every day. It supports the industries it serves through two separate financing options that are made available to Nisbets customers, in addition to offering end-to-end services from procurement and installation to continued customer and product care via warranties and maintenance support.

Nisbets is passionate about empowering the success of its customers by identifying their needs and supporting them with innovative and interactive solutions throughout their business, from front of house to back of house.

At Nisbets, excellence is found in delivering the basics brilliantly and overlaying an inspiring and emotional connection by providing greater value through content and service solutions.

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