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Derry Ltd – engineering excellence through tradition and innovation

Mr James Derry, Managing Director, Derry Ltd.

When we go home, to our place of work or stay in a hotel, we take it for granted that clean water is running from the tap; the heating or the air conditioning provides a comfortable environment; the lights are bright if we want to read, that power is available to charge our mobile devices. The heating, ventilation, plumbing, electrical and data installations hidden behind the scenes all take a great detail of planning, co-ordination and detailed design to ensure user expectations are met.

Derry Ltd is a vibrant and innovate mechanical and electrical services design and installation company, based at its historic Fernwood office, just outside Newark in Nottinghamshire.

Holding a portfolio of prestigious and award-winning projects across varied sectors in the construction industry – eg, hotels and leisure, engineering and research facilities, higher and secondary education, commercial offices and luxury residential – Derry Ltd has a capability to suit all client project requirements, from inception through to fully co-ordinated installation information.

Derry Ltd recognises that risk to its clients in both time and cost are of upmost importance. As such, significant investment has been made into implementing 3D design software. This enables the business to offer a true multidisciplinary approach to their design development and co-ordination with architectural and structural partners.

With these enhanced capabilities, Derry Ltd can identify and report visually through models and the virtual environment, identifying any potential conflicts well ahead of the construction period, thus negating costly on-site alterations and site delays.

The construction industry is now fully embracing and recognising the benefits of building information modelling (BIM). Indeed, Derry Ltd is independently accredited by the BSI, capable of delivering a project to the Industry BIM Level 2 Standard PAS1192, and currently one of the few M&E contractors to hold such pioneering status.

This innovative and technologically advanced approach is backed up by traditionally important factors, such as experience, quality and teamwork.

Managing director James Derry, and fellow directors David Tinsley and Matt Horbury, formed the business in 2009 with a strong focus to maintain traditional family values that trace back to his forefathers, Messrs RI Derry & Son established in 1734, being the oldest plumbing company in the country.

A mixture of experienced staff blends seamlessly with continued investment in young engineers. Twenty per cent of staff are currently working through recognised apprenticeship schemes, ensuring Derry Ltd will maintain its core values for years to come.

Derry Ltd has grown by developing key relationships through its personable and experienced staff, all of whom demonstrate a desire to ensure the product is delivered within budget, and programmed to the very highest standard. This approach, to ensure all aspects of their work is delivered with the utmost quality, to the satisfaction of the end users and clients, is of paramount importance.

It is recognised that a high level of client retention is the ultimate endorsement of the service Derry Ltd offers and this is what the company strives to achieve through its blend of tradition, experience and innovation.

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