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AI’s age of implementation: how to ensure success

In the span of a few years, AI has become ubiquitous in boardrooms around the world. It’s easy to see why. By 2030, recent reports suggest, the technology could grow the global economy by nearly $16trillion. With their abundant stores of data and valuable business challenges, enterprises have a big role to play in realizing AI’s potential. So what can organisations do to maximise their return on investment?

Enterprises that are already building value with AI have made sure to focus on matching its capabilities to existing business challenges. At my own com­pany, Dessa, we have helped enterprises achieve this in multiple industries. Collaborating with clients to deploy AI solutions, Dessa empowers organisations to grow revenue while also securing the foundation required for subsequent AI projects.

In telecommunications, for example, we’ve helped a large enterprise build an AI solution that predicts customer complaints before they occur. The solution is now in production, and has already streamlined the company’s call centre operations.

Only a few months later, the organisa­tion has already seen AI improve its business’s operations and enhance its bottom line. At the same time, this enterprise now has the foundation needed to build solutions that will yield even bigger impacts for its business.

Rapid results with AI are crucial to building momentum, but executives should also make sure their organisation keeps the long-term view in mind. Thinking big but starting small, enter­prises can ensure that the early-stage use cases they build now secure both immediate results and long-term impact.

by Stephen Piron, co-CEO of Dessa, a Toronto-based company that helps enterprises build value with advanced AI



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